Winner: Superbuffo Ring of Honour 2012

In recognition of his sincere dedication to experiencing problems whilst carrying out the simplest of tasks, we are deeply proud to pass on the 2012 Super Buffo award to our slapstick hero MARKUS SIEBERT alias KNÄCKE.  Never before has there been such a master of getting things not quite right.  His endless drive and desire to be a real hero will never be satisfied as he will surely never succeed.  A magnet for disaster, a whirlpool of awkward situations he really and truly does suffer for his art.  But he is not just content to sit and suffer alone.  His enthusiasm for sharing, and passing on his great depth of knowledge is surpassed by none.  Countless others who also tread the calamatous path of accidents have been supported by him and spurned on to reach their own, personal, new heights of failure.  Knäcke we salute you.  LOOK OUT FOR THAT STEP!!! Ben Smalls Cirqu´Oui