2005 there were winners in 3 Categories:

Superbuffo Ring of Honour 2005 , and the winners is:

The Company : Halbe Miete: www.halbemiete.ch

Pictures of the artist from Halbe Miete with the rings and the laudatio-ceremony

See a video of their work (17.5MB MP4) ->
find details in german about their latest production "Teller Teller Teller" (PDF)->

These Artist were nominated for the award:

Trent Arkleysmith: www.vontrolley.com
Holger & Deana Koszey-Ehrlich www.duodiagonal.de
Herr Hundertpfund www.peterweyel.de
Nils Poll The Happiest Juggler in Scandinavia www.fastandfunny.com