THE SUPERBUFFO RING OF HONOUR is intended to decorate an artist or festival organiser each year. It is the highest honor for artists performing outdoors at Festivals or in the streets where they have to cope with more problems than stage-artists. The Superbuffo Ring oF Honour is not associated with money but with honour and responsibility that will be passed on annually. The Superbuffo Ring of honour is intended to distinguish the spirit of artists or organisers who have consciously decided not only to perform on stage but also in public areas. The ring, a blue plastic ring with normal standardized PET - Bottlecoer is passed on from artist to artist.


  • The ring is itended to decorate artist or organisers who have show to be non-competitive, cooperative who show uniqueness in their work and conquer audiences with wits and joyful play or their dedication to organise events in public spaces.
  • The Superbuffo Ring of Honour shall decorate independent self-reliant work on directing, music, costume, props and skills or organisers that dedicate their energy to make shows in public spaces possible
  • Undebatable, omnipotent and almighty jury is the respective holder of the ring

Who is Superbuffo?